Sharing the Solitude

December 27, 2009

Dusk9 Oil on Gessoed Paper 6" X 8"

I am excited and overwhelmed at the task of sharing my artistic thoughts and creative actions through this Blog with you. You see, an Artist works in solitude. Even in a park surrounded by curious people watching me paint, I stand in solitude with the scene before me. A battle ensues between what nature lays before me (which is always too much), all that I have learned (both formally and on my own), my materials (paint, brushes, and canvas), my emotions, wind, sun, fatigue, insects, hunger, etc. When I feel that I have successfully completed a work which communicates my view and emotions for a subject, I then have to endure the fate that lays with the viewer, in solitude (with a very supportive family-yes I know how lucky I am). On a good day, a viewer sees what my labor has produced, makes a connection and decides that they MUST have this artwork in their collection. On a more challenging day, well, we always have another canvas and another scene to stimulate my artistic endeavors.

I envision that I will use this Blog as a means of sharing my latest paintings and news with you. Based upon feedback from you, this may morph to include comments, thoughts and ideas to my students and others. I won’t pretend to be a great writer, or even a writer (I leave that to my son, the journalist). I look forward to receiving input from you to help me understand what you want to know about my journey in art.

For now, it’s time to get back to painting in solitude, er, in my studio.

Dusk11 Oil on Gessoed Paper 6" X 8"

One comment

  1. I just received you site from a friend in my art club
    Thank you for sharing your work and comments. I just keep going from page to page with your paintings and I was more and more impressed with your talent.
    Thank you again.

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