Global Warming?

January 10, 2010

Dusk 18 Oil on Canvas 16" x 20"

As a colder cold spell grips the nation, I gain some solace by telling myself that one more day of this single digit stuff is one less day of winter. I am one day closer to warmer weather and painting outside again. So for now, I paint winter scenes..from inside my studio.

Thursday, it snowed…again.  I had to travel to the post office to get some contest entries in the mail. While traveling the back roads over to the post office, I passed by an old barn. The sight of the weathered shelter alongside the recently plowed road caught my attention. Although I had noticed the building before, the design and the mood seemed different. That happens sometimes. You get in the right frame of mind and a common sight can reveal new possibilities.

Many of my recent paintings have been of sunsets over barren fields. By minimizing the amount of landscape elements in the paintings, I have been able to focus on the designs in and the effects of  light on the clouds at sunset. This day, the sight of the old outbuilding, revealed a new possibility. After delivering my exhibition entries with the US Postal service, I returned to my studio and worked the attached painting, Dusk 18, which incorporates the old, roadside barn into a winter landscape at dusk. Although the sky and clouds dominate the design, the old barn adds an extra element to the painting.

The local weather forecast calls for temperatures to rise into the twenties   this week. Maybe the low thirties.  By contrast to the weather the past two weeks, a veritable heatwave. If the forecasters are right, this could give me the chance to get outside again to paint and enjoy a smidgeon of global warming

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