January 31, 2010

Watermelon1 Oil on Gessoed Paper 6" x 8"

The end of January. Enough with the cold and the snow. I don’t like going for runs outside when we’re dealing with single digit temperatures and hearing terms like, wind chill factor. I need a dose of summer.

Two weeks ago, while my youngest son was still home on winter break, my wife found a Mini-Seedless watermelon at our local supermarket. The boy loves watermelon. Helen thought that this would be a nice treat for Andrew before he returned to college. Unfortunately, we did not realize that he was cramming all kinds of social activities into his last few days at home. Andrew returned to school and the watermelon remained here untouched.

Last week, Helen thought that it would be nice to cut up the melon and take it with her as a healthy snack for her fellow teachers. Before the watermelon was carved, dissected, and whisked away, I decided to enjoy the essence of summer and create a study of the mini-seedless watermelon. Had so much fun, I decided to do another. Similar to what happens when you try to eat just one piece of watermelon in the summer. Hard to stop at just one. Ideas are blooming for other still life paintings.

Uh, the watermelon? Never made it to school. As stated, I needed a dose of summer.

Watermelon2 Oil on Gessoed Paper 6" x 8"

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