Challenge of Ideas

February 7, 2010

Apples 2, Oil on Canvas 8" x 10"

The start of February and activity is picking up. Plans are now in place for a three day workshop through Rock Valley College this summer (registration does not open until early March – send me a note if you want an e-mail advisery), regular classes start up next week (space is still available in all classes), and results are starting to come in from competition entries. I am fortunate to have all four entries accepted to the Watercolor ’10 Exhibition at the Norris Gallery and two of my new oil paintings have been accepted to the Midland Spring Juried Competiton. A few awards at these competitions and sales of these works would add to the blessings.

Little time to enjoy any success. Final preparations are to be completed for the start of classes, additional competition entries need to be submitted and more and more designs for works are waiting to be painted.

One aspect of creating art that can be enjoyable and challenging is the fruition of design ideas. It seems that once ideas start, they come in droves. Nice to have a plethera of concepts from which to select, but then the challenge, which one first and will I come back to these other design options. Good challenge to have.

I had so much fun with still lifes last week that I decided to go with the flow and create a few more. As I painted the group of three apples, I  got the itch to start adding additional items to the design. I grabbed a copper pot from the house decor, and placed it with a few apples.  As I painted the copper pot and the apples, more ideas came. I made several notes in my sketch book to act as a reminder to help establish designs for future works.

Now, if I can get to all the ideas for paintings which are pouring in. A good challenge to have.

Apples and Copper Pot, Oil on Canvas 11" x 14"

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