Frozen Over

March 10, 2010

Frozen Over, Oil on Canvas 16" x 20"

Sorry for the delay in getting the next entry published. Some fun loving being out there was nice enough to generate a trojan virus which our computer has now adopted. Any work on the computer takes an eternity to process. We are working to get this repaired. In the meantime, I am afforded a few minutes of time at our local library to at least forward the latest landscape work.

Frozen Over was finished just in time. We now have warmer weather. The streams and rivers are losing their ice, formations of geese are flying north. I saw Robins at the bird bath last week (looked twice as I thought that they might be Sparrows with chapped chests- but they were Robins).

Mid April will be busy. I will be diplaying Oil paintings at Rockfords ArtScene at Bennies Cleaners on April 16 and 17. I plan on attending exhibition events at the Kaneland Festival of the Arts on Sunday April 18 at 11am and Watercolor ’10 at the Norris Gallery in St. Charles at 2pm. More details to follow. If you desire to attend and need additional information, please contact me at sales@tomlindenart.com.

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