Apples on Cloth

March 17, 2010

Apples on Cloth, Oil on Canvas 20" x 16"

Oh the life of an Artist and the struggle of time management. The computer is back up again, though we are still working to get everything back to the way it was before the crash. In addition to computer work, teaching classes at Rock Valley College, and, oh yes – PAINTING, there are competitions and exhibitions which require attention. There are also the moments of “Murphy’s Law” – the theory that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

In early February, I sent my submissions for a fine arts festival in a community approximately 60 miles away. The festival is scheduled to run  April 1 -30. The prospectus indicated that notification of acceptance would be issued by March 1st.  Saturday March 6th I received notice that two of my works were accepted to the festival. Here is where the Murphy’s Law stuff starts. The framed works must be hand delivered to the exhibition site between March 9 – 13. Oh oh, both works are newer oil paintings for which I do not have frames. Both paintings are sized differently from any other paintings, therefore, I cannot borrow frames from other works. I need to order frames and fast. On Monday morning, March 8 at 7:50am, I am on the phone with a sales rep from the company I  utilize for my frames. The rep understood my need to assure that the frames would be available to ship promptly. The rep checked stock and seemed confident that the order would be assembled and shipped by Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday at the latest. Okay, that’s tight but I might actually have the frames here in time to deliver the works on Saturday. Keep my fingers crossed.

Oops. Murphy’s Law. Late Wednesday afternoon, while painting, I receive a telephone call from the frame company. They claim that the material that is in their shop is defective. I can either wait for new stock to arrive by, maybe early April or I can cancel the order. Some sales organization. No other options. Could you make an offer to help me out? Any other frame styles which are similar? Cancel the order.

Oh well. Spent Wednesday evening (no classes – spring break) cruising the art shops and craft stores for decent frames. No such luck. Back at the studio, I decide to check on frames from a company which provides  most my art supplies. Found something which seems acceptable, though I have no idea how these frames actually look. Oh please have good inventory.

March 11, Thursday morning by 8:00am I am on the telephone with North Carolina. They have inventory on the two sizes required. Great. The order might be able to ship Thursday but most likely not until Friday. Okay. Let me place my order. By the way, do I need to order Offset Clips to hold the canvas painting in place or are the clips included with the frame? The rep doesn’t know, the computer description does not help, she will ask someone. Ouch, this isn’t looking too good. The rep returns a few moments later assuring me that all (repeat ALL) hardware is included. Oh could this be?

I called the head of the festival to indicate that I might need an extra day or two to get the paintings delivered. Not a problem, if I can get the paintings delivered by Tuesday March 16 – please. Okay, except for the computer thing, my luck seems to be changing.

But then again, there is Murphy’s Law. UPS delivered the frames  around 3:00 pm Monday March 15. I carefully pulled the frames out of the box. The frames look better than I anticipated. This will work. Oops. Wait. Where are the Offset Clips to hold the artwork in place. Just like common sense and empathy in Washington D.C. – not there.

Made a couple telephone calls. A local craft store has a few of the Offset Clips available, including the size I need. Helen offered to go pick up the clips so that I could get all my gear together for the evening class.

Oh, you didn’t think that I was done with the Murphy’s Law stuff, did you? No. The exact clip that I needed was not actually in stock (inventory was on the wrong hook). Helen picked up the closest size possible. As an artist, especially one in trouble, you bend and twist and shim as necessary to get the job done.

The paintings look great (my opinion), and more important, were successfully and without further incident delivered on Tuesday morning.  Except, in my rush to get the works framed and delivered,  I neglected to include my Artist statement with the paintings. Oh well, Murphy’s Law.

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