Open Waters

March 31, 2010

Open Water, Oil on Canvas 16" x 20"

Late March, but the temperatures still lean to the cold side. Last Saturday morning, I went for a ten mile run. When I left the house, the temperature was 29 degrees with 9-10 mph winds. It is hard to believe that it is spring when you are still dealing with wind chill factors.

A couple weeks ago, as I was traveling along a two lane road south of Rockford, I crossed a creek. There was still some snow on the banks of the creek but there was no ice in the water. The water was flowing. As I looked at the river, the reflections on the water caught my eye. I took interest in the intensity of the colors in the creek that morning. As I encountered additional creeks and rivers on my trip, I continued to enjoy the deep, rich colors in the waters that day.

This experience gave me the idea to go back and revisit the painting Frozen Over (see blog entry dated February 28). I decided to utilize the same design but work with the idea of open water without the surface ice and snow. I aimed to capture that same color intensity which I had experienced in the waters during my car trip. To assist the painting process, I looked through my resource photos. I found a couple river photos that could serve as a guide to help capture the colors of the reflections on the river.

This morning I went for a six mile run. 48 degrees with 10 mph winds. Love these warmer temperatures. Now, if we can do something about that wind.

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