Ups and Downs

April 19, 2010

Field Patterns, Watercolor on Arches 140# CP 21" x 29"

Over this past weekend, I experienced the reality of being an artist. The highs and lows. The ups and downs.

On Friday and Saturday, I displayed work at the Rockford Spring Art Scene 2010.  Among the forty-three venues participating this year, I was fortunate to be at a downtown location which hosted twenty-two artists. Bennie’s Cleaners (thank you Larry). Works ranged from very contemporary works to traditional. From paintings, to photography, to ceramics and sculptures. The facility is an older building with brick and wood construction but did a great job of making for a very “artsy” ambiance. Although there was a great diversity of work on exhibit, the artworks all looked at home together and all the artists were friendly and supportive of each other. I already knew several of the artists  and got an opportunity to meet some that I did not previously know.  It seemed that we had a ample crowd of people through Bennie’s during both evenings.  The results – one small oil painting sold, two “serious” (I hope) looks, and three requests for the donations of my original works to charity fundraiser auctions (yech – see the January 13 blog titled, “A Matter of Time“, on this issue).  Oh well, nothing broken or stolen and I will keep a positive mindset that something good may come of my participation at this event and at this location.

On Sunday, my wife and I traveled toward the Chicago area. I have a couple oil paintings on display at an art festival near Aurora. The paintings are on exhibit at a new library. An impressive facility, however, it is a library. They do not have a specific accommodation for displaying artwork. Although the artwork included was interesting and covered a range of style and interpretation, it became a safari to locate much of the artwork (oh look, there’s one…way up there).  Disappointment.

But, then there was Sunday afternoon. We traveled to St. Charles Illinois to attend the artists reception at the Norris Gallery’s Watercolor ’10 Exhibition. The exhibition includes about 100 works. Works ranged from traditional to contemporary. From loose and splashy to tight and controlled.  I have four original watercolor paintings on display. My painting, Field Patterns, received an Award of Excellence. This honor also included a monetary prize.

So what will I do with the money? Well, there is a balance due for the space fee at a summer art fair. As soon as it’s in, out it goes. Maybe the next sales and/or award can go toward purchasing some needed supplies.

For now, I will keep working and trusting  for more “ups” than “downs”.


  1. Hey, I found your blog while searching on Google your post looks very interesting for me. I will bookmark your site. Keep up the good work!

    • Thank you for your feedback. Any facets of the blog that are particularly appealing to you? Formats? Painting tips? Stories and other sordid tales?

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