Bottles on Cloth

April 29, 2010

Bottles on Cloth, Oil on Canvas 24" x 18"

Bottles on Cloth is my latest oil painting on canvas. The completed painting is seen on the right. I am including images of the still life set up as well as the interim steps to completion.

Once I was comfortable with the set up of the still life, I completed a sketch of the set up  using a thinned wash of Cadmium Yellow Dark. I applied a thin coat of paint on the bottles. The upright bottle was roughed in using Cobalt Blue and my yellows.  The horizontal bottle was roughed in using Primary Blue, Cadmium Orange and my yellows.  I continued by working on the red stripes of the  cloth, then the white stripes. I completed the painting by adding thicker applications of paint onto the bottles and then added some impasto strokes of Alkyd Titanium White onto the brightest portions of the white stripes. Now, if I only had some wine left over to celebrate the completion of this work.

Bottles on Cloth - Set up

Bottles on Cloth - Stage 1

Bottles on Cloth - Stage 2

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