Nygren Alternative

July 21, 2010

Kishwaukee Canoe Launch, Oil on Canvas Panel 11" x14"

Since Nygren Wetland Preserve was not available to artists on July 17, I decided to do a plein air painting at a favorite spot in the Winnebago County Forest Preserves Saturday morning. Other than having to navigate around a section of closed road, no problems. The site is a canoe launch alongside the Kishwaukee River. Other than a few kayakers, it was peaceful and without obstruction.

I left my house later than I planned. By the time I arrived at the park, unloaded equipment from my car and set up for painting it was almost 9:00am. I found my spot along the riverbank quickly, but struggled a bit with my design options. I had a hard time getting comfortable with the format. Once I figured it out and sketched in my scene, I was off and painting.

As I anticipate  participating in another, time limit plein air competition next weekend, I decided to work on a larger, 11″ x 14″, canvas panel and attempt to finish my work in two hours.

As with Fridays session, heat and humidity were the next challenge. About midway through my painting, the heat was causing the alkyd oil paint to set a little too quickly and get tacky. I had to make some adjustments in my paint application, no problem. Next, the wind started to kick up a bit and I had to keep a hand on my umbrella to keep from having my painting and easel blown into the Kishwaukee River. Through all the aerobics and yoga positions, I kept on painting and had fun in the process.

I am including photos of the painting in process and at completion. Total time, about 2:20. All things considered, no problem.

Photo at a Kishwaukee River Canoe Launch 9:00am 7/17/2010

Kishwaukee Canoe Launch in Progress about 10:00am

Kishwaukee Canoe Launch in Progress about 10:45am

Kishwaukee Canoe Launch, Oil on Canvas Panel 11" x 14"

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