Nachusa Prairie Paint-Out

August 19, 2010

Nachusa Prairie 1, Oil on Canvas Panel 9" x 12"

Last week I traveled to Franklin Grove to paint at the Nachusa Grasslands with members of the Eagle’s Nest Colony. The weather forecast was sunny and very hot. Heat index expected to hit triple digits.

We took a tour through some of the rough terrain to check out possible paint locations. Unfortunately for us, the grasses were so high and the views so obstructed that we opted to return to the visitor center and find something to paint there.

At the visitor center, we found some needed shade and settled on scenes for painting. We painted quickly. Around 11:30 a few of the members found that they were too hot and uncomfortable to continue working on their paintings. We were invited to take a break and eat our lunches in the visitor center along with  the Nachusa staff and volunteers.

Nachusa Prairie 1 Site

Working at the Nachusa Grasslands

A few members of the Eagle's Nest Colony working at the Nachusa Grasslands

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  1. Your Granville, Ohio family says hi. We’re enjoying your website.

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