Rock Cut State Park

August 28, 2010

Pierce Lake August Morn, Oil on Canvas 16" x 20"

Wednesday was not a good day. I went out to plein air paint. I decided to go by Midway Village in Rockford.  On location, I could not find on a spot that screamed “Paint me!”.  A location that offered promise was too close to the very active recreation path. Not wanting to be interrupted by lots of two legged pests, I kept searching. Finally, I decided that I had wasted enough time looking and decided to just get painting something. I painted and worked at it, but alas, the painting was a “poopy”. I fought with it for about an hour and a half but did not like where it was going. Even Clawed Monet gave me a look that said, “No. Not even close. Can we go home now?”. Before any other critics could give their input, I grabbed a rag and my paint thinner and wiped that painting away. Cathartic. I retreated to home first then ran some errands (including an exchange of the memory card for the digital camera). Later, I made my way to the studio for some repairs and touch-ups to some other works. At least I could get something done.

Thursday I ventured out again determined not to make it two-in-a-row. Clawed in tow, we ventured up to Rock Cut State Park. It has been too long since I painted there. I settled on a sheltered fishing dock which overlooks the east end of Pierce Lake. I started to get that, “Here we go again”  feeling when I could not settle on a design. But then – Pow- the design hit. I quickly laid in my rough sketch and it was off to the races. This time, I did remember to take a couple photos during the course of painting (yea – the camera worked).

While I painted, Clawed kept busy sniffing everything within range of his leash. Birds flew by, fish jumped occasionally and a family of ducks stationed themselves in the shallows about twenty yards away. I feel this spot offers promise for more work throughout the fall and into the winter.


Site used for Pierce Lake August Morn

Pierce Lake August Morn - First Stage. About 50 minutes into the painting.

Pierce Lake August Morn - Stage 2. About an hour and a half into the painting.

Pierce Lake August Morn, Oil on Canvas 16" x 20"

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