Plein Air – Painting with Clawed

September 30, 2010

Blackhawk Path, Oil on Canvas 16" x 20"

Clawed and I ventured out to paint the other day. Although it was sunny, the weather forecast called for windy conditions with gusts up to 25 – 30 mph by noon and rain by mid-afternoon.

I had a painting site in mind, but along the way I decided to make a detour and take a quick drive through a forest preserve to see what possibilities there were. Several good scenes were evident. I decided to stay here for the day.

I parked the car and started to get dog and gear set up. Clawed is getting used to the routine and is training me well. After setting the spike for his leash and setting up my easel, I went to the car to retrieve the rest of my gear. Clawed started to bark. He was letting me know that he was ready for his treats. Okay, I bribe him to get him to tolerate our painting excursions.

At first, the site seemed to be rather remote. I worked swiftly. Clawed gave the site a thorough sniffing and settled down immediately behind me. About an hour into painting, a squirrel ran to the base of a tree near us. Clawed sprang to action nearly toppling the easel and painting. Quick reflexes saved my painting.

It was a long time before anyone drove past. But then it seemed that every ten minutes or so people were driving past, slowing down to look and would occasionally add a comment or two. One fellow felt the I should paint a picture of Clawed (thanks, I really need helpful advice like that).  A couple parked their car and came over and spent about ten minutes watching me paint which caused more people to slow down and investigate the goings-on. I was beginning to think that the forest preserve might get after me for causing a gapers block.

The site worked well, except for the wind.  I was shaded by some mature White Pine trees. New plein air challenge as the wind gusts occurred and blew pine needles into my gear, onto my palette and all over my painting. That’s right, I had to stop and pull pine needles off of my painting.

I am sure that Clawed and I will have to get back here soon, as long as I remember his treats and hopefully on a day that is a little less windy.


Site where I painted Blackhawk Path

Blackhawk Path Block-in

Blackhawk Path, Oil on Canvas 16" x 20"

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