Deer Run

October 17, 2010

Remains at Deer Run, Oil on Canvas 16" x 20"

Clawed and I ventured south of Rockford. I had planned to return to the canoe launch at Oak Ridge. I thought that the colors would be a little more dramatic than I was seeing.

Rather than stay here, I got back into the car and decided to drive over to a nearby preserve named,  Deer Run. My eye was caught by a scene visible from the entrance to the park. Challenges galore. First, the parking area is not convenient enough. So rather than lug all the gear over several trips, I got nervy and parked in the grass near where I would paint. Additional challenges, the sun would be at my back in about a half hour or so (which means that I would have the sun shining on my palette and my canvas which will make it difficult to accurately judge values and colors) and it was a little bit windy (umbrella issues).

I decided to try using the umbrella and hope that the wind would not blow everything over. Umbrella issue still exists. The small metal piece which sits in the shaft and helps to keep the umbrella open, popped out again. Fortunately, I found the piece and reinstalled it so  that I could use the umbrella (I guess that this will be a recurring issue). However, several of the umbrella ribs are shot.

About an hour and a half into the painting, I had an interesting visit. The local sheriff stopped by to alert me that they do not normally allow people to park  in the grass. In the future, please use only the parking areas. He was nice enough to allow me to finish today’s painting with my car parked where it was. Note to self; in the future, drop off gear at the site, park the car and walk back to the painting site.

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