Plein Air – Daysville Road

October 24, 2010

Daysville Delight, Oil on Canvas 11" x 14"

Our Oregon group met on a farm near Franklin Grove. Sunshine, but getting cooler. Coats and gloves were the fashion for the day.

By the time I arrived, several members were already set up and painting. I set up my easel near Jan and thought that I would so a scene similar to hers. However, as I set up my work station and examined my surroundings through a viewfinder, another scene offered more excitement to my eye. So, I took a few moments to adjust my set up and take advantage of the view looking down a row of trees at the fields edge.

As I started painting, I received a nice surprise. The homeowner served us hot coffee to help keep us warm. Unexpected, but very welcomed.

About this time, Jan mentioned that she had forgotten to bring gloves and was getting chilled. It was windy and we were set up in the shade of a couple trees. I offered her a pair of the disposable latex gloves which I use to keep my hands cleaner (and minimize exposure to the chemicals in the paints). I did not know how well they would worked for keeping warm. After about ten minutes, Jan confirmed that the gloves were helping to keep her warm enough to continue painting.

Autumn scenes are challenging. Not only do you have the weather conditions playing with your set up and lighting on the subject (oh yeah, a few clouds drifted through and changed the lighting conditions), the colors of the foliage and the desire to make sure that they do not get “muddy”, the  time factor and the way in which the shift in sunlight alters the intensity of the colors and then, try to keep your concentration to execute the painting to the original vision of the scene. Fun.

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