Plein Air – Blackhawk

October 27, 2010

Blackhawk October, Oil on Canvas 12" x 16"

Clawed and I traveled just south of Rockford to the preserve where I painted a week earlier. We set up at a spot along the river towards the back of the park. I had planned to paint a scene of the river, but as happens, a scene along the drive gave me the days inspiration.

The painting went well. Our spot was near a sizable sandbar along the Kishwaukee River and a lot of geese were present. Clawed enjoyed watching the birds. Eventually, a few of the geese ventured close to the bank. I don’t know if they were just going about their business, curious about the dog and me,  or just hoping for some food donations. It was humorous to see how close they would get to the shore before Clawed would get up to investigate. The geese moved fast to get away from the shore, and Clawed.

The park was quiet this day. A few motorists drove past. A couple people parked in a lot a hundred yards or so north of our spot and fished the river. We painted undisturbed.

As the painting was coming together and nearing the point where I would start adding the final details, a woman and her dog drove slowly past us and parked at the north end of the parking strip, right in my line of sight. Oh joy. Actually, it worked fine. As I near the completion of my painting, I step back from my easel to get a look at the painting and the scene and decide what adjustments and details are needed. The woman’s car was parked in such a way that I had to step back about ten feet or so from my easel to view the entire scene. So that worked alright.

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