Plein Air – Pierce Lake

October 30, 2010

Pierce Lake October, Oil on Canvas 12" x 24"

It’s the latter part of October, the trees still have a lot of their leaves, and the sun is shining. Clawed and I ventured to Rock Cut to paint. Oh, I forgot to add, the weather is changing.  As we left home, the gauge indicated 41 degrees and it was a little windy.

We took a quick ride through the park. Several scenes offered possibilities. I decided to go back to the fishing pier at the east end of Pierce Lake. The pier has a roof over it which offers some shelter from the sun. I put on my hooded sweatshirt and ski vest, grabbed my equipment, Clawed and walked out to the pier. I found a scene and set up my gear. As I started to paint, I realized that it was colder than I had anticipated. To help the painting move quicker, I kept to larger brushes through most of the painting. I also realized that I was running low on my white paint and hoped that I had enough to make it through this painting.

Occasionally, I moved out from the pier’s roof out into the sun trusting that a few moments of exposure to the bright sunlight would help me to warm up. This move did not help. It just served to remind me to move the brushes faster and finish up as  quickly as possible.

The toughest part was near the end when I was trying to place a few details. I needed a steady hand and found that I was shivering too much. Finished, I packed up and headed home. A hot, hot bowl of vegetable soup and a couple cups of hot coffee got me back on track.

After warming up a little, I finished cleaning my brushes and put a fresh tube of white paint into my kit. I made note of a couple other colors which were running low (need a supply run soon). I also realized that I will need to keep my works to smaller sizes of canvas for awhile and/or pack warmer gear.

All things considered, not a bad day of painting.

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