November Chill

November 11, 2010


Franklin Grove Floral, Watercolor on 140# Canson Rough Press 19" x 15"

Tough afternoon gave me a double dose of disappointment. I ventured to site in an attempt to capture a sunset scene. I had hoped for a few clouds which might have yielded a little bit of dramatic effect. No such luck, clear sky. I set up in a field and anticipated that the sun would set behind a building which was the centerpiece of my work. No such luck, wrong position. I had talked with the person in charge at the site and expected that the building would have some lights on which would add a flare. No such luck, no lights on. The painting just did not come together. As darkness fell, I packed up and headed back home. After examining the afternoon’s effort, Helen agreed that it was a pooh-pee painting. Off to the studio where some turpentine and a rag helped to remove the paint and salvage the canvas for another days efforts.

During the afternoons efforts, I got chilled and by the time I was packing up, I was battling a sore throat and sinus issues. I spent the next couple days in the studio nursing my symptoms. Since I was not able to get outside to paint, I stayed in and worked on a couple watercolors and worked on lessons for my students.

I experienced the subject for Franklin Grove Floral with the Oregon group this summer. I had some sketches and a photo as a reference. The painting started as a demonstration for my Level 3 students. The demonstration was to illustrate how I would execute an initial wash to start this type of subject. Often I will start and abandon these demos. They are intended to remain as lessons for my students. I could not resist this start and finished this work while nursing my cold with aspirin, chicken noodle soup and orange juice.

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