Hoisington’s Post Harvest

December 1, 2010

Hoisington's, Oil on Gessoed Paper 6" x 8"

Following yesterdays storm, we were dealing with cold temperatures and wind chill (the term wind chill would be so much more comfortable if heard in the summer). I decided to do a small painting in my studio in the morning and venture out this afternoon. I assumed that the temperatures would be warmer. I also figured that the afternoon sun would add a spark of interest to some of the regular scenery.

Flipped through some photos and decided to work this autumn scene. I kept the painting smaller for three reasons. (1) I wanted to get a few more small paintings done for the upcoming display at The Next Picture Show. (2) I wanted to finish this one quickly so that I could get out and paint this afternoon. (3) I wanted to try and  capture a plein air feel from a photograph.

The painting went as I had anticipated, fast and fresh. Good thing too. I went out to paint in the afternoon. The first few sites which I visited did not spark my interest the way I had hoped that they would. I settled on a spot and the work just did not come together. I ended up with a pooh-pee painting that never made it off the easel. I wish more of life’s errors and mistakes could be as easily wiped away with mineral spirits and a rag.

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