Ornaments and Greens

December 10, 2010

Ornaments and Greens, Oil on Canvas 8" x 10"

I traveled to paint with my friends in Oregon, Illinois. As I arrived, a few minutes late, no surprise, one of our members was already setting up elements for a still life. One member realized that she forgot to bring her flood light which we would have used to illuminate the set up. We rummaged through a closet in the room, removed about a dozen chairs, a few other items and found a lamp. After going through all the work to free our find, we hoped that the lamp would work. Success. It did.

We refined and agreed on our set up, situated our easels and set to painting. Oops, one artist forgot her paints. I know that seems very elementary. Every artist should always have paints, brushes, supports (canvas, paper), but these hazards happen – credit Murphy’s Law. We set her up with a few paints which we could spare and the painting commenced.

It was another fun session with fun people. Although we were working from the same set up, we each focused and stressed a different design. I found interest in this small corner of the set up to create a work which focused on a group of tree ornaments, greens and a lantern. Perhaps another Yule scene for next week. I can hardly wait.

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