Candle and Greens

December 16, 2010

Candle and Greens, Oil on Canvas 8" x 10"

Cold again today. Sunny but cold. Too cold for me to go outside to paint. A quick scan through photo references was not sparking any interest. Rather than resort to firing up the car to go look for inspiration, I decided to work a still life. We have plenty of Christmas decorations around the house.

I quickly found a scene that would work. Before I set up my easel, I spread an old sheet out on the floor (no drips please). Everything set up, now, where is that lighter for the candle?  Not on the fireplace hearth where it usually is. Not in the kitchen. Maybe I missed it in the family room – that old age thing. No, not where it should be. Check the kitchen again. No. Eventually found the lighter in the family room, under some papers where my wife usually sits. I think that she did that on purpose.

Okay, light the candle and get started painting. Moments into painting something was not right. The candle was extinguished. The wick had burned out. End of that candle. Found another candle, lit the candle and resumed painting.

Except for having to send Clawed outside several times to chase a squirrel that was raiding our bird feeders, all went well.

I finished the painting, got my gear packed up and ready for another painting session and removed my drop cloth (no spills that I can see). Finished clean up moments before Helen got home and asked what I had been up to today.

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