Blackhawk Snow

January 11, 2011

Blackhawk Snow, Oil on Canvas Panel 6" x 8"

We still had snow on the ground but the weather forecasts indicated that warmer temperatures were coming. I wanted to get out and get a painting done before the warmer temperatures could melt off all of the snow.

The morning started off cold and cloudy. I retreated to the studio to paint.  By late morning the sun was out. Great shadows.  I got to a stopping point with my studio work, broke for lunch and then headed out to get at least one small painting done on location.

I made a dash for one of my favorite locales. Although the park gates restricted access to the inner portions of the park, a scene from the gates caught my interest. Great lines, great shadows. I quickly set up my easel, put on my outer layers to keep warm and started to draw a design on my canvas panel. As I was starting to block in my design, I noticed that the light was changing. Clouds moved in fast and quickly,  it was overcast. All my good shadows were gone. These things happen.

I went with the flow. I was out here to paint and I felt that the design still worked. I had to alter some of my color choices, but I felt that it would be a good challenge.

The park was quiet. There was the occasional hiker, but they stayed to the path at the north end of the parking lot. Nobody traveling near me. Barely any wind. Though still a bit cold, it was nice not to have to tolerate a wind chill. Very still. I must have stayed too still. I got startled when I decided to step back a view my work. I did not realize that a squirrel had ventured over to check me out. He was only a couple feet away when I moved. That squirrel made fast tracks to and up the nearest tree.

Although the colors and a few values changed while I painted, I was able to complete this little work in under an hour. I packed up my gear and headed home for a cup of hot chocolate.

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