Coffee Pot and Snowman

January 17, 2011

Coffee Pot and Snowman, Oil on Canvas 11" x 14"

I received an e-mail from an Eagle’s Nest friend. Although a few members of the group were in warmer climates, a couple were still here in the snowbound north. They were going to get together to paint and asked if I would be able to bring some items for a still life set up.

On Thursday evening, I packed and readied my painting supplies then started to figure out a still life plan. I started with a small brass candle holder and candle. I started to seek out items to pair with this item. A cloth, an apple, a brass tea kettle. Nope, that candle holder doesn’t work. How about this holder. Nope, now that pot doesn’t work. About this time my wife joined in on the fun. I wish that I could accurately recall the full range of items and combination’s which we assembled that night. The various candles and holders. The various dishes, coffee cups and dinner ware. The nick-knacks, including a small duck decoy and the snowman. There were many workable set ups, but ultimately, I settled on this still life which I felt was within everybody’s capability and likes.

Friday morning, we set up and started painting. I was just starting to block in my painting when I stepped back to look and did not like what I saw. The design was not good. Grabbed a paper towel, some solvent, a few swipes across the drawing and a few moments later, I had a toned canvas and a fresh start. I moved fast hoping to finish before we broke for lunch. Did not make it. Needed a few minutes after lunch to finish up.

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