Nygren Morning

February 24, 2011

Nygren Morn, Oil on Masonite 12" x 24"

Several months ago, I created plein air works at Nygren Wetland Preserves. Several of the works are still at my studio. Occasionally, I place these works around the studio. They help to set a mood when I paint and often give me ideas for future works.

One of the Nygren works caught my attention. I decided to play with the design and change the format. I also took on an additional challenge. Instead of canvas, I decided to work on a gessoed Masonite panel. Slick stuff.

As I painted and adjusted to this different surface, I got lost in my work. Helen reminded me that we were expected at a friends house for dinner, and we should be leaving soon. I “needed” to get to a stopping point before I quit for the evening. It seemed that the harder I tried to hit a stopping point, the more elusive it became.

Eventually I found a stop, quickly cleaned up my equipment, then myself. Made to the friends only a few minutes late. Great dinner, fun conversations, and then a game in which one of the friends present taught us a new spelling for the last name of the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback – Rothslickburger. And you thought that it was  Roethlisberger.

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