Autumn Light Study

April 15, 2011

Autumn Light Study, Oil on Canvas 8" x 10"

I decided to use a sketch and photo from an October plein air session to play with an idea. I went small for a few reasons. First, I can move fast and get paint down and see how the design is working. Second, because I can work fast, I have no issue with investing a little extra time to create two or three or more attempts. This frees my mind to explore and not feel restricted.  I get to play and have fun. Third, if it does not work out as envisioned (or hoped) then I have not lost a lot of time nor wasted a large canvas and a lot of paint.

The elements that I played with worked as I had envisioned. Some other aspects need improvement. When I come to a decision concerning this design, I may try another small canvas or I may go directly to a larger canvas, but I will be able to tackle the larger work with more confidence than if I had not created the smaller thumbnail painting.

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