April 18, 2011

Blackhawk Light Study, Oil on Canvas Panel 6" x 8"

I am eager to get out and paint on location again. The past few weeks were spent getting paintings completed and readied for the Rockford Spring ArtScene and for Woodwalk Gallery in Egg Harbor Wisconsin. I assumed that after these two events were reached, I could steal a couple days and get out. I awoke this morning to find snow on the rooftops, and yards. No April Fools joke here ( Mother Nature teasing us).

A trip down to Peoria yesterday has left me with anticipation. The foliage and plants are about two weeks ahead of our area. Now I  can hardly wait to get out and paint. To capture the onslaught of spring in the midwest. Like a small child days before Christmas, I am excited.

Speaking of ArtScene, I have mixed reactions to this years affair. We had new leaders for our organization (find us on Facebook at Rockford ArtScene at Bennie’s ). Our leaders organized a great crew to do the host/hostess duties to establish a professional feel to the refreshments, encourage crowd flow and allow us artists to concentrate on meeting people interested in our art. Unfortunately the weather was lousy, the attendance was low, and sales were down. On the good side, the Rockford Register Star, our local paper, had a nice article about the affair and photographs of the activity at Bennie’s. The article ran in Sundays paper – AFTER ArtScene was over. Way to be on top of the activities for the community. Gee, thanks for the support, I guess.

While I am awaiting my next venture to paint on location, I am still playing around with some designs from outings made last autumn. Although spring is officially here, I wanted to play around with some ideas for expressing autumn colors.

Autumn Path Study, Oil on Canvas Panel 6" x 8"

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