Anderson Japanese Gardens

June 16, 2011

Anderson Japanese Gardens 1, Watercolor on Kilimanjaro 140# CP 7" x 10"

Anderson Japanese Gardens 2, Watercolor on Kilimanjaro 140# CP 6" x 10"

The other day, along with one of my students, I took advantage of an invitation. One of my other third level watercolor students has a membership to the Anderson Japanese Gardens in Rockford. At our last watercolor class of the spring, this student offered complimentary tickets to tour the gardens. It was his hope that a few of us would agree to spend a day painting together at the gardens.

To those unfamiliar with Anderson, the gardens are situated on fourteen acres near the Rock River. At one time these were private gardens but are now operated by the local park district.

After meeting in the parking lot, and entering the gardens, the three of us made our way to the pavilion. We used the pavilion as a base for the day. I had not been to the gardens in several years. I took about 45 minutes to tour the gardens and investigate possible painting locations.

Two of us set out to one of the ponds to paint near The Viewing House. In setting up to paint, we had to be careful not to block any of the walking paths. These paths are narrow. So in addition to trying to find a good scene, we also had to find a recess in the garden, off the path, that enabled us view the scene.

We spent about an hour painting at The Viewing House,  broke for lunch then spent the early afternoon painting at the base of the West Waterfall. An enjoyable and productive day of painting.

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