Path at Oak Ridge

June 20, 2011

Path at Oak Ridge Study, Oil on Canvas 11" x 14"

In a corner of my studio sit paintings which are completed but not sold. Actually, there is no corner. These waifs have grown, amassed and are now starting to occupy a wall, with ambitions to take over the room.  Some of these works are ready to place on display, as soon as I can access space (Rockford is very anemic in its opportunities). Some are in need of  a few improvements or possibly Gesso. Some act as inspiration and challenges.

On occasion, I rummage through the stacks and pull select paintings out and place them around the studio. This helps me to gain perspective when I am working in the studio. That is, if I am working on a painting of a summer scene, it helps to have a number of paintings of summer scenes to set a mood and assist my efforts.

Sometimes, a new look at an older work can foster a new idea. This work is an example. The original work (see below) was created on location about a year and a half ago, shortly after I returned to oils. The painting had a mood and the colors were close to the actual scene, but it lacked something. There have been a lot of paintings and a lot of learning since that time. It has been sitting in the corner for awhile.

The other day, as I flipped through the corn.., er wall, I came across this plein air painting. As I set it out in the studio, I started to see something. Some movement. The chance to play with color and light. Although, I should have taken a few moments to play with the idea in my sketch book, I was impatient, grabbed a fresh canvas and started in on my brain flash. It seemed to be only a few minutes later that Path at Oak Ridge Study,  was completed. A colorful piece with some nice things going on.

This painting won’t be seeing the corner or wall yet. I already have an idea of how I can improve this rendition.

Oak Ridge, Oil on Canvas 11" x 14"

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