Fields Project Friday

June 29, 2011

Fields Project 2011-Friday #1, Oil on Canvas Panel 6" x 8"

Fields Project 2011-Friday #2, Oil on Canvas Panel 11" x 14"

Fields Project 2011 - Friday #3, Oil on Canvas Panel 6" x 8"

Friday morning – sunny. Hooray! Sun. I arrived at Friday’s site, scouted the areas around the out buildings, found a scene to paint, set up my gear and was already painting as the other artists started to arrive. Unfortunately, the sun was short lived as clouds rolled in. Fortunately, I held onto the initial vision for my design and was able to complete painting #1.

I checked in on a few of the artists and made my way to another location to start my next painting. As I started painting, I encountered challenges. Sun (the clouds moved out), wind and loss of the vision for the scene. I fought with the painting. I took a break  for lunch with the rest of the artists, then back to finish the painting. By this time the clouds were back. I worked at the painting  for a while longer and decided to call it finished. Painting #2.

Although a couple artists had left the site shortly after lunch, six artists were still at work as I completed painting #2. I decided to find one more scene to paint before I called it a day. I settled on a different view of the tool shed which I used for painting #1.

I set up my gear and started to paint. The winds died down, it got warm and the bugs got real active. I stopped a couple times to apply bug spray. As I was painting, the remaining artists finished their works, packed up and left. I continued with my work and completed painting #3. I was the first one on site and the last one to leave. But that’s okay. I got back to Rockford as rain started to fall. A fitting end to a wet but productive week (well four days anyway) of painting.

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