Arboretum Shadows

November 20, 2011

Arboretum Shadows Study #1, Oil on Canvas 11" x 14"

Arboretum Shadows Study #2, Oil on Canvas 11" x 14"

My fall watercolor classes have finished. Thanks to Rock Valley College for allowing me to use their facilities to conduct my classes. Once again, I was blessed with a lot of fun people who were not afraid to try new methods and were open to new ideas. I am flattered at the many students that return semester after semester. It is a challenge to find new ways to stimulate their creativity and tackle their apprehensions.  I am happy for the many new students that have started my classes and given me the chance to help them uncover and discover the joys of this challenging medium.  They were also kind enough to share their ideas to help as I continue to define and refine my ideas about teaching this tricky medium. Another thirteen weeks and a few snow storms until we start the spring semester.

For now, I have plans/ambitions to complete several oil paintings for exhibitions/competitions and Rockford Spring ArtScene. I also aim to complete watercolor paintings for upcoming watercolor society shows.

I am currently working on an idea for a larger painting. I thought it best to play with a few smaller interpretations first. The inspiration came from a visit to a local park. I was fortunate enough to capture some sketches of this scene. I settled on one design which I have already transferred as a drawing to a canvas.  More to follow soon… I trust.

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