October Patterns

December 8, 2011

October Patterns, Oil on Canvas 24" x 36"

After working three studies of this subject, I decided it was time to take the design to a larger format. Moving from the 11″ x 14″ studies to a 24″ x 36″  canvas had its challenges. Besides the drawing, I found that there were several areas that needed additional attention.

To gain the essence of depth, I decided to capitalize on the indication of the the woods (on the left) and added a section behind the foliage on the right. To gain the feeling of the sunlight coming through the foliage in the center, I relied on my watercolor experience. Rather than apply impasto stroke’s of paint, I left the original wash of paint and applied the sky around the leaves. The leaves maintained a more transparent appearance. I also had to rethink my approach to the foreground grasses.

Took me a little longer to complete than I had expected, but that’s okay.

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