Pond at Open Hearth – Studies

December 23, 2011

Open Hearth Pond 1, Oil on Gessoed Paper 8" x 6"

A couple posts earlier, I mentioned the purging of unsuitable paintings. Taking completed paintings which are considered inferior and will never see the light outside of the studio. I  apply gesso (an acrylic primer)  so that I can reuse the canvas (my Dutch blood coming through).

In the process of returning these gessoed canvases back into inventory, I realized that my floor space is getting overrun by blank canvases. Time to reorganize the studio. My youngest, home from college, was recruited to assist me. We went to Lowe’s to purchase some shelves. After returning home, we moved a couple pieces of furniture around and removed one piece from the studio. Within a couple hours of mayhem we had the shelves assembled, in place and stocked with canvases. The shift of furniture and canvases opened up floor space in the studio and gives a more spacious environment. Getting set for the new year.

The shelves seem to be too full of blank canvases. With some luck and time management, I plan to spend a lot of time painting over the next couple months. Some competitions are coming up, I need to ensure plenty of good works for Woodwalk Gallery and Spring Art Scene will be here before I know it (mid-April). Hopefully, I won’t be returning too many canvases back to the shelves.

Incidentally, the paintings shown on this post were created utilizing a palette knife.

Open Hearth Pond 2, Oil on Gessoed Paper 8" x 6"

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