Autumn Woods 1

February 29, 2012

Autumn Woods 1, Oil on Canvas 16" x 20"

February 29. An event that occurs once every four years. Too tempting. I couldn’t resist that desire to ensure that I entered a post on this date. Okay, so maybe it sounds as though I have nothing better to do. WRONG.

Spent a chunk of Monday delivering watercolor paintings to the Norris Cultural Center for an exhibition in St. Charles Illinois. Tuesday, it was delivery of a couple oil paintings for the exhibition at The Next Picture Show in Dixon Illinois. So that equates to some lost painting time.

Classes are in full swing. My first group will be throwing and splashing a lot of paint over the next few weeks, to learn about techniques, before we start creating actual images. My second level is gaining confidence as they work through our chart paintings and understanding the connection between my weekly demonstrations and the paintings which they created during our first session. Third level is busy working projects in conjunction with the second level and helping to keep a level of humor and fun that ensures that the class time flies by.

I have my ideas in place for the demonstrations which I will be conducting this weekend for Dillman’s Creative Arts. Now I have to get all the prep work in place. We are only allotted an hour to conduct our demos, so it is important to plan it right. Watercolor Friday night and Oil on Saturday so that makes for a lot more prep work. Friday’s demo is at Dick Blicks, an art supply store, or to this artist – a toy store. Either way, I am certain to stop and purchase a few necessary, or possibly unnecessary, supplies before leaving. Saturday’s demo is at the Addison Village Hall. The best part about Saturday is going to be following the demo. Across the street from the village hall is a Portillo’s – a restaurant with really good food (not necessarily heart healthy – but very tasty).

Autumn Woods 1 was created from a photo taken a couple autumns ago. I like the design and anticipate creating this in a larger size.

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