Plein Air April 24 Monroe Road Oregon

May 13, 2012

Monroe Road Oregon, Oil on Canvas Panel 9″ x 12″

The Eagles Nest Group had scheduled to meet at a farm just west of Oregon, Illinois at 9:00 am. I arrived at the address a few minutes after nine and did not see any of the other artists. Concerned that I might have the wrong address, I scouted out the neighboring farms. Still did not see any familiar faces. I made my way to a church parking lot and telephoned the woman who schedules our painting sites. Cindy indicated that she and one other artist were running late but would be at the location in a few minutes.

Waiting for the group to arrive,  I felt that I was missing some great cloud patterns and lighting effects. Rather than wait any longer for the others to arrive, I took a chance and decided to paint this scene from the front of the church lot. The church had some activity this morning. Fortunately they did not seem to mind me using their entrance to do this painting.

About twenty minutes into my painting, I noticed two of the Eagles Nest artists drive past on their way to the scheduled site, the farm next to the church. Glad that I was impatient and started my painting when I did.

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