Stone Corner – Plein Air May 8

May 21, 2012

Shadows at Stone Corner, Oil on Canvas Panel 8″ x 10″

Southeast of Oregon is an area called Stone Corner. It is a farm known for its organic farming as well as the numerous piles of rocks (sculptures???). These gatherings of rocks are all over the property.

The Eagles Nest group decided to paint at this location. Many of the members had a hard time getting past the rocks. They could not seem to edit to find a scene or a design that would work.

I found this play of shadows and quickly set to work. A couple of the members were able to find something to paint. Others mulled around and chatted until lunchtime. Occasionally one or two would break away from the chit chat to check on our paintings. One viewer seemed upset that I did not include any the rock piles in my painting. I explained that my focus was not on the rocks and that I was not necessarily creating a portrait of this particular house. My focus was on the play of the light and shadows of this design. She did not seem to understand my explanation, but at least I was painting and she was not. So there.

After lunch, I decided to try to get one more painting done. A couple of the members were still painting, so I thought that I had enough time to paint without being the last member to leave. I spotted this old, rusted truck on the adjoining property. The early afternoon sun created challenges as did the clouds rolling through. As I finished this second work and started to pack my gear into the car I discovered that once again, I outlasted all of the other artists. I was the last to leave.

Trusted and Rusted, Oil on Canvas Panel 6″ x 8″

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