June 9 – Evansville Plein Air Day 1

June 22, 2012

Florals at the Eager Free Library – Plein Air; Oil on Canvas Panel 9″x 12″

While participating at the Edge of the Rock Plein Air Competition, I was cued into the Wisconsin Plein Air Painters. I checked their website and noticed that a town just a few mile north of Beloit a town was hosting a first annual plein air competition. A first annual event is a little scary. It is a learning experience for the host group. Could be good. Could be a lot of pitfalls. Chancy, but I figured it was worth a try.

The town is about an hour northwest from here. A very easy drive (with the exception of having to stop at EVERY traffic signal in Janesville). I arrived in town shortly after 8:00am. Scouted out the town a little before stopping at the library. The information indicated that the registration and canvas stamping was to be at the library. The library didn’t open until 9:00. I waited and as the library opened, I ventured in. You remember what I said about that first year stuff. Yep, the registration was changed and was being handled by a gallery near the east end of town. I ventured back over there, but the gallery would not open until 10:00am.

A young girl opened the gallery at 10:00am, but needed a few minutes to get lawn sculptures out of the gallery and onto their front lawn before she could help me. After the dust settled, Maria was helpful, except that she did not have the stamp for the canvas verification. I waited for another ten minutes or so before a fellow showed up with the stamp as well as information about the town including maps of the acceptable painting zones.

So now it’s getting to be about 10:45am. I needed to get painting now. Some of the best lighting was already past. I remembered some nice light patterns by the library. I went back to the library, set up and quickly got to work. It was a hot, but I had the shade of a large tree and a nice breeze to help keep it comfortable. Tough part of this painting was working with the change of light facets as the sun moved from morning to afternoon.

It was early on a hot afternoon as I finished this work. I contemplated another painting but choose to drive around and explore the area a little more to plan for the next days painting.

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