June 12 – Pond Off Mud Creek

June 23, 2012

Pond Off Mud Creek Plein Air June 12; Oil on Canvas Panel 8″ x 10″

A bit of a change for the Eagles Nest Group. Rather than a farm, we were invited to paint in the gardens of one of the homes north of Oregon. The hostess, the mother of the homeowner, also insisted on serving us a light luncheon following our painting.

Upon arrival, I saw a lot of possibilities. I thought that there might be a wisp of a chance to get a couple works done before noon. I settled on this scene at the small pond. I had a “toned” canvas available. I say toned, but it was the remains of a failed painting which had been scrubbed off of the canvas, but some of the tinting remained. Actually worked well for this piece.

I used my viewfinder to grab this abstract design. Although the pads moved a little during the session, my early notations worked well to guide me through this painting. The biggest challenge was how to get that “brownish” tinge to the select pads. Spurt of intuition was to throw a little magenta at it with a quick brush stroke of green. Then – DON’T BRUSH IT TO DEATH. In other words, keep my brush strokes to the absolute minimum in order to stay away from creating mud. It worked. I finished well before noon, but it did not appear that I would have enough time to get another work done. I stalled around a bit and then noticed that the others were about done for the day.

Our hostess noticed that we were finishing and came over to view the works. She told us to go ahead, put our gear away and come on over to her house, the second house across the street. Should have gotten the address. While the others decided to drive their cars the hundred yards or so, I decided to walk on over and arrived first. I waited near the front door for the others to come up the drive. As I moved to open the door for the women, we were about as surprised as the owner of the house. It was the wrong house. The owner was at the door and couldn’t figure out what was happening.  I counted the corner house as the first house. Wrong. More interesting, two of the women from our group had been to this woman’s house before and did not realize that we were about to enter the wrong house (at least I had an excuse). One fellow quickly came up with the greeting “Trick or treat”.

We apologized to the owner, regrouped, laughed, walked over to the correct home and had a nice, refreshing luncheon.

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