117 West Main – June 13

June 24, 2012

117 West Main – Evansville; Oil on Canvas Panel 11″ x 14″

Back up to Evansville. I had hoped to get something in the downtown area, but nothing stirred me. I rambled around for a bit and then found this scene. I was able to park and work from the edge of the street. The painting was moving quickly. A fair amount of traffic along this main drive. Occasionally drivers would move past slowly to catch a glimpse of the work in progress. A couple times, people stopped their cars to come over and visit, ask questions and find out about the competition. I was about an hour into the work when a woman approached me. I had a bit  of paranoia that she might complain about intruding on their neighborhood. Turns out that the woman was the mayor of the town and was very happy that an artist was painting in their neighborhood. Soon a couple other women joined in the conversation. According to one woman, a man recently inherited this house and is the sixth generation owner of this property. There was renovation in process and I did edit out the scaffolding on the east side of the structure and added flowers to the distant flower pot.

I finished this work, ventured over to a park and ate lunch. I traveled over to a a spot that was supposed to offer some good scenic possibilities. Didn’t work for me. I ventured back into town, found another spot along Main Street. This one did not go so well. At one point a man drove up with a camera. Said that he was a blogger for the Evansville Observer. He needed a ten second sound bite from me stating who I was and what I was painting. He allowed me to switch paintings first. Thank goodness. As noted, the second one failed. Shortly after arriving at home, I cleaned the paint off of the canvas. I trust that the next painting on this canvas will be more successful.

Artists were to submit one painting on Sunday morning for judging. I brought both paintings, just in case. Good thing too.  They decided to allow artists to stage their additional works on the east side of the exhibition hall to be available for sale. As artists arrived with heir works, I could see that there was a lot of very good competition at this event. While stalling around the hall, my wife and I met a number of very nice local artists. We were invited to join a few of them at the local diner for brunch/lunch before the awards ceremony. It was the right crowd. One fellow took Best of Show at the Beloit festival the week earlier and two other artists at the table received the big awards this day.

I am happy and flattered to report that as the awards ceremony ended and people were invited to purchase works, my painting, 117 West Main Street was immediately plucked from the easel and purchased. The woman purchasing the work told me that of all the works there that day, she felt that my painting best captured the spirit and feeling of Evansville. My other painting, Florals at the Eager Free was also purchased. Should have spent more time painting here.

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