Dappled at Edgewood Farm

August 16, 2012

Dappled at Edgewood Farm; Oil on Canvas 18″ x 24″

Cleaning up the studio, I came across a failed watercolor. It sparked an idea.

A few years ago during the Fields Project, we visited a horse farm near Grand Detour. A couple artists went to the edge of the farm to paint the view of the fields. A couple of us found a nice shaded spot near one of the barns. Although the barn was an interesting subject, I found the view looking back toward the house to be of greater potential. I attempted a full sheet watercolor. A full sheet watercolor is difficult enough, but doing it en plein air on a windy day – ugh.

Although I was not happy with the intensity of the watercolor painting, I did like the design. I set the painting along a wall in my studio. I had hoped to either play with the painting or perhaps start over. There it sat..waiting.

Until this day. I came across that watercolor and decided to play with the design in oils. The poor watercolor served me well and was as a great resource in working this painting.

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