Thank You Jerry’s Artarama

November 23, 2012

October in Grand Detour; Oil on Canvas 9″ x 12″ set in Jerry’s Plein Air frame

I will tell you when I am not happy with a merchant. Most people are eager to complain when they do not feel that they received a fair deal. I hope that I am always fair enough to let you know when that same organization pleases me with their response and actions.

A couple years ago, I ordered some frames from Jerry’s Artarama. I desperately needed one specific frame for a painting which was included in an exhibition. To make Jerry’s minimum order, I added a few additional frames and supplies. When the shipment arrived I eagerly opened the one item that I really needed and was disappointed. The frame was packaged poorly and had been damaged in shipment. I went through some effort to finally reach a person at Jerry’s and arrange for a replacement of the damaged product. Further disappointed when the replacement arrived. Packaged as poorly as the original shipment and arrived more damaged than the first frame. I noted my disappointment in a blog. The venting helped a bit. Since then, I have purchased frames from a different source.

Early this summer, I had participated in several plein air competitions and was fortunate to have sold a few of the paintings. I needed to order a few supplies from Jerry’s and decided to try one of the plein air frames shown in their latest catalog.  I worried that I might be tempting fate and have more problems.

When the order arrived, I examined and accounted for the other items in the order and saved the frame for last. I suppose that I wanted to enjoy the other items and put off for as long as possible, the potential disappointment.

Overjoyed when I opened the master box of the frames. The inner box was packed well (though it could have used some additional padding around the frame box), and the frame was in outstanding condition. The frames look beautiful and truly complement the paintings mounted in them.

Thank you Jerry’s. I look forward to purchasing additional plein air frames in the future.

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