Christmas 2012

December 25, 2012
Christmas 2012; Oil on Canvas 8" x 10"

Christmas 2012; Oil on Canvas 8″ x 10″

For several years, I have created a new piece of artwork specifically for use on our family Christmas cards. This year I was hoping to get a plein air winter painting for the 2012 edition. As we eased into November, I kept an anxious ear to the weather reports, anticipating the first snowfall of the season which would enable me to get out and paint that perfect scene. Unfortunately, as the days and weeks slipped past, no snow. We had some cold weather, but no snow.

A couple weeks before Christmas and no indication of snow. In fact, the weather forecasts were discussing the fact that we had now gone more than 280 days since our last snowfall, nearing record range for this area. I needed to get the cards created and in the mail if I was to beat a self-imposed Christmas deadline. I decided to go through my sketchbook and photo references to find a design which, as necessary, could be altered to be suitable for our Christmas card.

Found and worked this idea. Created the work to my satisfaction, photoed the painting and got the digital image to the shop for processing onto the Christmas cards. As fate would have it, irony prevailed. The day that I traveled to retrieve the cards form the printers, it was finally snowing. Perhaps I should venture out now and create the plein air painting for next years Christmas cards. Oh well…

Merry Christmas.

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