Towels Dry Yet?

March 29, 2013
Towels Dry Yet?; Oil on Canvas 10" x 8"

Towels Dry Yet?; Oil on Canvas 10″ x 8″

I was playing with designs, looking for something that would work for a large canvas. I came across this sketch which I created a couple years ago while up in Door County Wisconsin (Fish Creek to be specific). Cropped original sketch quite a bit to come to this design. It was fun and works pretty well, though I doubt that it would hold together on a canvas that is much larger.

Busy today getting lessons ready for next weeks classes. Have to come up with ideas and thumbnails for my Still Life and Level 3 groups this weekend. Monday will be busy as I will be setting up my display at Bennie’s for next weekends  Spring 2013 ArtScene (I still have to decide on which paintings will be an display and get the information tags ready). Thursday will be set up day for the display at Midway Village. Next Friday and Saturday will be LONG days with activities at both venues until 9:00pm. Hope that it’s lousy weather so people won’t have the desire to be outside and would rather tour the various art venues. Of course, I also hope that people will be more interested in purchasing some original artwork rather than just “lookin’ at the purty paintin’s”.

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