Flower Bouquet Close Up

April 15, 2013

Flowers2013Building upon the lesson taught a couple nights earlier, I decided that it might be fun to play with my third sketch, a close up of the bouquet of flowers. To keep my design from getting stiff, I decided to play with my splash technique.

My students are first introduced to the splash technique in my level 1 class as a way to play with watercolor. It involves several disciplines – altering the value or intensity of  the hues, gentle mixing of colors, running of colors, splatters and blossoms. In level two, we use this idea as a way to reinvigorate and allow watercolor to be watercolor (that is keep students from trying to fully control watercolor). These exercises start non-objectively and mandate that the student have an imaginative eye to “see the possibilities”.

By level three courses, we work with having a design already in place and have the students remove the white from their works. This is the case for the bouquet. I began with a loose design drawn onto my paper. I started painting by applying color near, at and around my center of interest and worked out from there. Lighter and brighter where needed. Hint at darker spots to start the negative areas. Let colors run together. Throw in water drops and splatters to break up any boring swatches of color. Let it dry and work the design to my vision from there. Let the parent colors, or the colors applied at the beginning, guide your color selections from there. Vary the dark colors in the negative spaces to keep it interesting. Do not insist on any colors for any of your objects (i.e. white items do not need to be white to read right). Stop painting before you make it too tight. Allow it to stay fun for your viewer too.

Flower Bouquet Design Sketches; 8-1/2" x 11"

Flower Bouquet Design Sketches; 8-1/2″ x 11″

Flowers - Splash Technique Step 1; Watercolor 8" x 12"

Flowers – Splash Technique Step 1; Watercolor 8″ x 12″

Flowers Splash Technique Step 2; 8" x 12"

Flowers – Splash Technique Step 2; Watercolor 8″ x 12″

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