Paintings for Woodwalk Gallery 2013

May 6, 2013
Anderson Docks; Ephraim, WI

Anderson Docks; Ephraim, WI

Spring break for my wife and I take her somewhere warm, like….Door County Wisconsin.

As my spring break at Rock Valley College and my wife’s spring break with the Rockford school district never coincide, I promised that I would make some schedule alterations so that we could go somewhere warm for her spring break. When we realized that her 2013 spring break would be mid-April, we thought it silly that we would need to travel anywhere else to enjoy warm weather.  This year was different as winter drags on.

Through a series of events, we found out that she would be hosting a party for thirty people at the end of her spring break. Added to that, I needed to deliver new works to Woodwalk Gallery in Egg Harbor Wisconsin between the 19th and 25th. Rather than travel somewhere warm, we decided to make a trip into Door County to deliver the works and get back to Rockford so Helen could finish all preparations for her party.

I had hoped to deliver the works on the 15th, Monday, but the owners of Woodwalk indicated that they would be on the east coast and not returning until the 18th. They agreed to meet with me the morning of the 19th to retrieve the eight works remaining from 2012 and exchange them with ten new works for the 2013 season.

I decided to bring fifteen works on the trip. I thought that perhaps it would be wise to allow Woodwalk to select works which they felt would best suit their clients. So we left Rockford on Wednesday in pouring rain and made a couple stops in the Chicago area before heading through downpours as we headed north into Wisconsin. As we traveled north of Milwaukee and out of the rains, we were reminded that winter was still hanging on – snow drifts remained along the roads.

Door County is a summer vacation mecca not a spring break destination. Several of the shops and many of the restaurants were still a week or two from being open for the season. While staying flexible on our demands for meals we were able to dine at restaurants which usually have long waiting lines. Then again, Helen took part in an event at one establishment and we left a dollar bill and a quarter suspended from the restaurant ceiling.

Fast forward to Friday morning. We were to meet with Margaret at Woodwalk Gallery at 10am. A snowstorm is heading this way. Heavy snow showers predicted. At about 9:00am, I mentioned to Helen that while Margaret indicated that she would be on the east coast, she did not say where they would be. My concern was based upon the insane act which hurt numerous people and upset the tradition of The Boston Marathon.

Turns out the the owners of Woodwalk were in Boston but managed to get out just before the lock down. Bad weather caused their flight to get re-routed. Due to a very late return to Egg Harbor, they were not able to retrieve four of my works which were on display at a local winery. Add to that, there was a power failure and the Egg Harbor area was now without power.

Due to all the complications, Margaret asked that I leave all 15 works delivered plus the four works at the winery. Since I will be a featured artist at Woodwalk this July, I guess that’s okay.

Delivery of paintings to Woodwalk Gallery April 2013

Delivery of paintings to Woodwalk Gallery April 2013


April in Door County

April in Door County


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