Evansville – Tower House

July 15, 2013
Tower House; Oil on Canvas Panel 8" x 10"

Tower House; Oil on Canvas Panel 8″ x 10″

Back to Evansville. During the morning I worked at a park. The painting did not go well. Ate lunch and ventured on. I decided to return to town. Across from the library was this house with curved front windows. Interesting shadows and the window reflections caught my attention. I sat on a park bench and worked away.

About twenty minutes into the painting a fellow interrupted my work to take a photograph of me working.  Soon after, another fellow came by and decided to sit next to me. He was dressed in jeans, a Hawaiian shirt, a cap and carrying a plastic shopping bag. He looked to be about my age.  He asked a few questions about my painting and then it got interesting. He started by explaining that he was the youngest member of the Wisconsin Supreme Court. He proceeded to tell me that he had been married three times and that the three former wives were supporting him. He told me that he was not doing too bad for being over a hundred years old. He told me that he had started a business, a fire department when he was only seven years old. I asked him if he started the fires before putting them out. He chuckled and then told me that his first business was so successful that president Johnson congratulated him ( I didn’t ask to which President Johnson he was referring, I thought that might be pushing my luck).

About this time, I sort of phased out and paid more attention to my painting, occasionally tossing in a comment or two to keep it interesting. He rambled on telling me how I should sell my paintings but don’t bother telling the government about my sales, how he was collecting government checks, he was looking to get back up to Madison Wisconsin to reclaim his senate seat, the problems with the people running the state, facts about the old houses in Evansville how he liked my painting equipment, and on and on. After about an hour or so, he bid me good bye and good luck on my painting.

I enjoyed the look on the organizers face when I told him about this encounter. The organizer apologized but I told him not to worry. No harm done and I had another humorous plein air experience to share.

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