Reflections Before the Bread

July 19, 2013
Reflections Before the Bread; Oil on Canvas Panel 12" x 16"

Reflections Before the Bread; Oil on Canvas Panel 12″ x 16″

Rainy again – Great.

Since I am inside, I shall tackle another work for the Raw and Cooked Competition at The Next Picture Show in Dixon.

I had some banana bread with my breakfast. Thought that might make a good subject for the next painting. As soon as I put the bananas next to the reflective mixing bowl, I knew I had the set up. No need to tackle the actual bread in this one. Let the title carry the message.

The reflections in the bowl were the most nerve racking part of the painting. But it is all in the relationships. Watch the shapes and constantly compare the painting on the canvas to the actual set up. Check the angles against multiple points to ensure that it is right or at least very close to right.

For instance, the reflections of the bananas. How does the reflection compare to the right side of the actual subject. The left side. The top of the bowl. The reflection of the table top. The reflections of the can of Crisco. Are the relationships and shapes correct or do they need to be modified.  Constant questioning and evaluation and, at times, corrections. But it is worth the effort to get it right.

Happy to report that this painting has also been accepted into the Raw and Cooked exhibition at The Next Picture Show August 2 – September 4, 2013.

Finished in a single painting session (okay, it was a long session).

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