Plein Air – Oak Ridge – East Trail

August 4, 2013
East Trail; Plein Air Oil on Canvas Panel 8" x 10"

East Trail; Plein Air Oil on Canvas Panel 8″ x 10″

A week earlier, I painted a scene from the parking lot of this forest preserve. After completing the painting, I decided to walk one of the trails to look for new designs. This location is one of them.

Ventured out early in the morning. I arrived at the forest preserve and before leaving my car, I decided to apply some insect repellent. Grabbed my gear and started off down the trail to find today’s painting. Not long into the hike, I had to stop to apply more repellent. Those mosquitoes were active and swarming.

After setting on a spot, I had to apply more repellent. It was hot and I was sweating quite a bit from the hike. I also noticed that my hiking boots need to be replaced. My socks were soaked from the dew on the grass. About fifteen minutes into the painting, I realized that the mosquitoes had settled down and the wet socks actually helped me feel a bit cooler. Wet socks, comfortable now but will be a problem in a few months. I moved swiftly to lock in the shadow patterns and the main color patterns on the painting.

About an hour into the painting, I saw some people in the distance. Equestrians coming and my equipment was set up on the horse trail. Not to worry. Enough open space around me. Shouldn’t be a problem for the riders. And it wasn’t a problem for them. It was however, a problem for me. The two riders and their dog, rode through some tall grass to avoid my set up. This stirred up the mosquitoes again. Another application of repellent and about ten minutes before things returned to a normal state of work.

Finished the painting, packed up and headed back to the car. By now it was hotter and the dew was pretty much gone as were the mosquitoes.

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