Sinnissippi Cascade

August 15, 2013
Sinnissippi Cascade; Plein Air Oil on Canvas Panel 12" x 9"

Sinnissippi Cascade; Plein Air Oil on Canvas Panel 12″ x 9″

Preparing for my plein air workshop, I decided to capture this view of one of the waterways at the Nicholas Conservatory. Found the design right away. Blocked in the main shapes and spent a fair amount of time segmenting shapes within the rock formations. Thank goodness I made decent notations to guide me through the shadows on and in the waterway. I worked the rock formations first, general notations in the water, then worked the foliage indications around the edges before finishing the water and falls.

I was set up at the edge of the sidewalk which left me as fair game for any people strolling the gardens. Not too bad, Had a couple people that seemed genuinely interested in my work. I did have one concern though.

A maintenance supervisor was working in the area and seemed to be keeping an eye on my activities. I wondered if he was concerned about me blocking the walk, or making a mess, or if he was going to make me move. As I was nearing the end of the painting, he finally approached me and spoke up. Seems that he was just curious about my work.

Tough to finish this work. By the time I was completing the work, I had full sun on my palette and my canvas.

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