Barn at Indian Hill Manor

September 6, 2013
Barn at Indian Hill Manor; Oil on Canvas Panel 11" x 14"

Barn at Indian Hill Manor; Oil on Canvas Panel 11″ x 14″

I had the opportunity to paint at Indian Hill Manor. I had noticed this design opportunity during my tour a week earlier.I wanted to get one more good farm painting fora submission to the Farms & Barns Regional Competition.

After arriving, I spent about twenty minutes moving around this dirt road, working to determine the best vantage point. I made several sketches in my book and determined which spot and design would work best.

For the first hour, I worked in relative solitude. Then I heard some noises and figured something was going on by the farm house (which was at my 2 o’clock). My view of the house was obstructed by an outbuilding. I was curious about the activity. Later, I realized that the noise was actually coming from a field behind me. The sound must have been echoing off of the outbuilding. A couple of the maintenance workers were burning some branches and “stuff”. Suddenly, I had a problem. The wind had shifted and I had smoke blowing my way, not bad. Then it got bad, some of the ashes were now falling onto my palette and onto my painting. Nothing I could do short of closing up my painting.

This fallout lasted about ten minutes. Some minor clean up of the palette and some delicate use of a palette knife to clean up the painting. Finishing touches and I was done. Happy to report that the paining worked well and this painting was accepted to the exhibition.

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