Franklin Grove

September 24, 2013
Franklin Grove; Oil on Canvas 24" x 12"

Franklin Grove; Oil on Canvas 24″ x 12″

While painting a couple weeks ago, I got an idea. I was looking at the grasslands which I was painting and started to think, “what if…”. I fell back on my knowledge in watercolor and thought that it could be interesting to work an oil painting with a watercolor type approach to the paint application.

I searched for a subject and design that could allow me to experiment. I came across a photograph taken a few years ago. I have used this subject with my Level 3 watercolor students. This could work.

After sketching the design onto my canvas, I used a thin, watery application of oil paints into the general forms. As I applied my under-painting into the grassy area, I applied a few drops of my medium (turpentine, stand oil and damar varnish). I allowed the medium to run through and off of the canvas. I liked the effect. While the wet mixture did its thing, I moved on and started applying final applications of body paint to the other portions of the painting. As I began to work body paint into the grasses, I had to restrain myself to keep from applying paint over all of the under-painting. I wanted, no needed to allow the warm under tones to show through.

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